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  • Below are the instructions on how to sync Apple Fitness directly with Running Center Reward App. If you prefer, you can link Apple Fitness with Strava and then link Strava with the Running Center Reward App. To do it that way, see Strava Integration

    Syncing Apple Fitness/Health with Your Running Center App

    Unlike Rewards points, Mileage IS NOT accrued and stored by your Running Center app. It is based entirely upon the activity you've logged in Apple Fitness/Health (most often by way of Apple Workout app on your watch). The Running Center app will display mileage from activities you logged in Apple Fitness/Health beginning on the day you created your account in the Running Center app.


    Activities you logged prior to your Running Center app account creation date will not pull over.


    This is done so that if you change devices, choose to migrate your mileage tracking to another platform, or otherwise make a change, you can do so without losing mileage or duplicating workouts.


    Please note, if you connected Apple Fitness/Health to your Running Center app in the past but recent miles aren't pulling over, it may be necessary to re-authenticate with Apple inside of your running store app.


    Setting Up Mileage Sync with Apple Fitness/Health

    1. Ensure you are using an Apple device such as an iPhone or Apple Watch. Apple Health, Apple Fitness, Workouts, are not available for Android devices.

    2. Open your Running Center app and login to your account

    3. On the Running Center app home screen, tap either of the two mileage icons circled in red on the screenshot below



    4. On the next screen, tap 'Connect with Apple Fitness'



    5. Granting Access: Apple considers Apple Fitness the workout recorder for their Apple Health Product. As such, Apple Health requires you to "Allow" the Running Center app to access this information.


      When you tap 'Connect to Apple Fitness', your device will automatically pull up a screen asking you to allow access.


      Be sure to toggle on the workouts and walking + running distance (to be safe, all types), and tap allow. If you don't enable this feature, your miles cannot be pulled from Apple.

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