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    Mar 16th 08:00 AM PST
    Shamrock Steps 5k
    Shamrock Steps 5k: Walk, Run, Ride for GAIT EXCLUSIVELY FOR RUNNING CENTER CUSTOMERS SAVE $10 ON REGISTRATION WITH CODE: RUNCEN10 Dive into a race day like no other with the Shamrock Steps 5K. Beyond the run, it's a journey of celebration, community, and giving back, all wrapped in an event filled with joy, activities for every age, and inspirational guest speakers! Walking, running, or riding for GAIT means that every step contributes to empowering lives through the healing power of horse and farm animal therapy. GAIT transforms challenges into triumphs of spirit and strength. Join us for a unique blend of movement and mission, where your participation sparks change. Don't miss out – Hobby Joggers events fill up fast! Secure your spot and be part of an extraordinary experience that goes beyond the finish line!
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