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  • Try a Mantra on for Size

    What does the word Mantra mean to you? Some people think of it as mystical or other worldly but really it is just a few words or phrases you say to yourself for motivation or to change your attitude from negative to positive.  Most people have done that without even thinking about it as being a Mantra. Mantras, affirmations, or self-talk, works. Music is another way people lift their moods and distract themselves while running but even if you are a runner that uses music for this purpose, you still may want to develop a Mantra or two to use for when your device runs out of battery or malfunctions at a crucial moment.  It may sound silly until you try it but Mantras are a great training tool that you always have with you and can make a big difference.


    Make no mistake running is 80% mental!  Your body will quickly adapt, your mind may take longer to train!  It is essential that you develop the mental toughness to carry you through your training.  You are going to experience fantastic, great, wonderful runs and you are going to experience some that are not so much fun.  Your mental attitude is what is going to get you through the tough ones.  Make up your mind now to stick with it, show up, stick with your training schedule but also make sure you train your thoughts.  No negative comments allowed!  You may find yourself thinking them which is why you will want to develop some mantras.  Your mantras are predetermined words you will say to yourself to get your mind out of the negative thinking rut.


    Your mantras can be single words or short sentences but they must resonate with you.  Mantras are highly individual.  Try a few on for size until you find the right combination for you.  Some people have different mantras for different situations.  For example you may have your regular mantras that you use when you are tired and feel like stopping and you may have mantras that you pull out and use when facing a tough climb up a hill.  Below are some mantras developed by runners and shared here with their permission.  If you haven't already found a mantra that works for you, use one of these as a starting point.







    I am brave

    I am sleek

    I am determined


    building muscle

    looking great

    feeling strong




    No excuses

    Muscle up


    You can do it

    Make them proud

    Getting stronger

    I'm a runner


    Losing weight

    feeling great

    getting thin

    life begins


    Do you have a favorite Mantra you use or is this a new idea for you to try on your next tough run?

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