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  • Rewards Program Details

    You're loyal. You shop local, stay active, and should get rewarded for it. We want you to be part of the Running Center Loyalty Program.


    It's simple and free, just download the app and login. Shop in app, on our website, or in-store and you'll earn points for every dollar you spend. You can also earn points for checking in at Running Center events. The points you earn from purchases and events can be redeemed for Running Center digital gift cards that NEVER EXPIRE. Running Center gift cards spend just like cash, either in-app, online or in-store and gift cards can be redeemed on any purchase in combination with any sale, promo or offer! NO EXCLUSIONS!


    The Running Center app also tracks your lifetime point total to level up with loyalty achievements, bragging rights, and other perks.


    Feel like going the extra mile? Take your loyalty a step further by syncing your run or walk activities in the Running Center app with your Apple Fitness or Strava account. Simply follow instructions in the app to connect. Tracking mileage gives you the chance to achieve distance milestones, receive acclaim, or maybe even prizes.

    • Your loyalty account is tied to your email address, so be sure to use the same email in-store and in-app to ensure receipt of points

    • Points begin to accrue on the day you sign up in the app or on our website

    • Points will automatically appear on your account the day after a purchase is made

    • You'll earn points for every dollar spent (pre-tax) in-store and online

    • You'll earn points by checking in at participating events

    • Redeem Points for Running Center digital gift cards, which never expire and can be used in-store, in our app, or online. 

    • Mileage accrual does not contribute to loyalty point totals

    • Mileage is earned through run and walk activities in Apple Fitness or Strava, not steps









    The app is the fastest and easiest way to access you rewards 24/7, redeem your gift cards in-app, online or in-store and keep track of your mileage and events. However if you prefer, you can create a rewards account online instead.  Go to runningcenters.com and choose Shop/Online. Once on our shopping page, hover over the account icon in the upper right hand side of the page. Select "Sign Up" from the drop down menu and create your account. In creating your account use the same email address you use when shopping in our stores. 


    Need help?  Call 877-509-1122, ext 5 or Simply tap the support menu in our app for rapid assistance. 


    *Rewards Program Subject to change

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